Some often asked Questions
So what's a scholarship worth in the USA?
What does it cover?
I'm agreat player, why can't I get an offer?
Can I get funding
if I stay in Canada?










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There are many talented soccer players around the world, many looking to obtain a scholarship at a US university. There are thousands of universities and colleges offering financial and educational opportunities to these types of players. US Scholarships can vary from a few hundred dollars to help offset some of the course expenses to a "full ride" when almost everything is paid for.

Education, Housing, meals and books are the typical costs that would be covered. Over a four year term this represents a significant sum of money.

Around $140,000-$200,000. (US dollars).


It pays to get the right representation, Soccer Recruits has an interest in your schooling and your future soccer career.


A few preconceived ideas that we feel should be laid to rest.


My son is a top athlete at his high school and his soccer coach told him he's for sure getting a scholarship at university. Is this true?


You need to perform as a student in the classroom as well as an athlete on the field and without a suitable SAT score there will be no chance of any type of scholarship in the USA. Of course with no SAT scores Canada is an option, but scholarships are normally in small dollar denominations and based on your schooling not your playing ability. 


Is my daughter guaranteed a scholarship by signing on with Soccer Recruits?


Just like you will select your recruiting company at Soccer Recruits we're very particular in the athletes we choose to represent. With suitable SAT scores we are confident of you receiving offers from various institutions in the USA. 


Unless my son gets a "full ride" we'll pay for him to go to school in Canada as it's cheaper.


We are more than willing to help your son get accepted at a Canadian university, where he will get a great education and for this assistance we expect a minimal donation to the "Scholarship Jar" This is a fund set up by SOCCER RECRUITS to help those less fortunate get some assistance in reaching their dreams. Before doing this you should consider an option offered by many US universities. You pay the same amount as if your son was going to school in Canada, the university will provide scholarship funds for the balance.  Your son gets the US university experience at a Canadian price. 


I have heard there's scholarship funds availabe in some provinces in Canada is this true?


Absolutley this is true. There are funds available in Canada and generally there's more funding available outside of Ontario. However these funds are neither as available as in the USA or anywhere near represent the same dollar value. Of course as a client of Soccer Recruits you will be provided with as many options as possible.