We receive information from many recruiting companies but Soccer Recruits continue to bring us the players that meet both our needs and their clients needs.

Recognition of quality players is a must and when Soccer Recruits advise us about a player being available who will fill our specific requirements we listen. Their ability to find the right player is exceptional.





There are many recruiting companies offering.. a full scholarship, just sign here.  If it was that easy who needs a recruiting company?

Soccer Recruits helped us understand that it's not easy, but they would try their very best to bring the schools and scholarship offers I was hoping for. 

Playing soccer at the university level is a dream.... Soccer Recruits make it a reality.


We thought we knew lots about universities and how the coaches go about recruiting, but to be truthful we were quite nieve.

Soccer Recruits made sure we were aware of everything that must be taken care of during the recruiting process and also after accepting an offer.

There's a lot of small things to handle prior to move in, and they guided us every step of the way.