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A small amount of unique business opportunities exist for hard working soccer enthusiasts interested in working  for 
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Canadian Head Office:

49 George Street #1, 

Aurora, Ontario, L4G 2S1

Tel/Text: Canada 647.406.1203

Tel: USA 727.827.8229


There are thousands of universities in the USA and Canada offering athletic scholarships to talented soccer players.
Soccer players just like you.
You want to continue your education as a  student athlete but do you really know the process and how to go about it?  The do's and dont's of the NCAA. The application and registration process.
 When you can and cannot talk or communicate with universities and their coaches. What they expect from you as a student athlete.
For more information on Soccer Recruits Canada and what we can do to help you live your dream send us a quick e-mail now. Don't forget to add a few brief details about your age, current team, league you will play in  for 2017 and ask for  more details about our program.

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